Culture and fashion meet in Salvador!

On my recent trip to Salvador, I learnt a few things about the Afro -Brazilian culture and religion…..and it’s African roots.

imageThe city of Salvador, the capital of Bahia, has the largest population of African descendants, hence the African culture is more prominent there….so I blended very well.imageOne of the many famous places in Salvador is the city’s historical and oldest centre, Pelourinho, a listed UNESCO World Heritage site. It is here that you can explore the site of the former slave market, with its colourful colonial architecture, pillory and it’s baroque-style churches.
As you stroll around Pelourinho, you will notice Bahai women in traditional attire posing for photos in their sassy headdresses and vibrant skirts. The typical Bahian dress is white lacy top with an enormous bouncy skirt. They look like they are wearing layers and layers of doilies.(Sometimes, instead of white, various bright colours are utilised).
The moment I tried to be one of the local woman!
This is the town’s sense of style and you find this apparel also worn by women serving acaraje, which is a traditional dish.

In Pelourihno, every night is a party. You can find free shows on the street, like drums bands, samba or capoeira circles.

Salvador is extraordinarily beautiful. It’s white sand beaches, the lovely coco trees and warm Atlantic waters give you that heavenly feeling.


imageThe city has beautiful, welcoming and warm people who embrace their country’s culture and heritage. Someone once said, “the best thing about memories is making them”. I will forever cherish the moments I had in this amazing country!


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