‘Spotted’ on the Rocks!

Styles comes and goes but leopard print is a timeless fashion trend. Throughout history kings and other high-ranking people have worn animal skin as a sign of status and power. Christian Dior introduced the first leopard print dress in 1947 and the trend became big with high ranking people in the 50s from Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor to Jackie Kennedy.imageMitzah Bricard and a silk chiffon Christian Dior dress from the 1947 New Look Collection

Every season leopard print is popular with fashion designers, stars and celebrities and also us, the ordinary people. High street shops are going wild with animal print at the moment. From dresses to coats, bags to shoes, scarfs and accessories, the leopard print can elevate anything you’re wearing. So, if you don’t already own a leopard print, now is the time to invest in at least one piece and add a little bit of edge to your wardrobe this autumn and winter. I think a great way to wear animal print is in small doses because ‘less can be more’. You should mix and match prints with neutral colours. I’m a big fan of the animal prints as you might have noticed in my previous posts and have adorned in zebra, cheetah or leopard print on some occasions. I personally find leopard print especially eye-catching.

imageWhile I was in the UK last weekend, I wore my little spotted dress for a day out shopping with my friends. While on the way, my friends decided to bring me to the magnificent High Rocks in Tunbridge Wells. I wasn’t sure about the practicality of my outfit but after rocking it up those ancient rocks and saw the tranquil woodland setting around me and how it blended with my outfit, I knew my leopard print was never been more appropriate. Talking of looking at the wild side!imageThey say that “leopard don’t change its spots” and I agree because leopard print has never gone out of style and will probably be in style for decades to come so get your leopard frocks on!!

Irish Summer….Fashion Fever!

One thing I love about travelling on public transport is how you can have a lot of quality time observing different people. Sometimes you overhear interesting conversations. I was on the bus from the city centre this weekend and I couldn’t help hearing two ladies discussing how exciting it was that winter is close. I have to agree, there is something so cosy about winter. The evenings filled with Netflix bingeing, blanket cuddling in front of the fire and drinking hot chocolate with a lot of marshmallows yet I still love summer.  I was born in a hot climate and I find everything smiles during summer. People are much happier and relaxed when the sun shines. Most of all, I personally find choosing summer clothes to wear so easy and so much fun.

This summer’s collection was very interesting with a lot bold colours from royal blues, greens, yellows to reds and pinks combination. I was anticipating on seeing burst of colours in the city of Dublin but whatever the Irish people did wrong to the weather gods, I can count the ‘hot’ days we had the whole summer on one hand! When everywhere else people were basking in sunshine, we were looking up the skies every second for just a glimpse of sun and some warmth. The summer wardrobe collection I was looking forward to wearing was just hanging on the other side of the closet feeling neglected. Fortunately, there were few warm days which I timed very well so that I could at least wear one or two outfits from my summer collection.

unknownAs summer comes to an end in two weeks’ time, I would advise you not to  give away your 2015 summer collection just yet, who knows the ‘weather gods’ may be in good form next year. One great things about not wearing something all the time is it feels new whenever you put it on.
unknown (1)
So, while other people are walking around looking the same with the 2016 summer collection, we will be still rocking our last year colours. Different is beautiful and we will be saving a lot of money too!