Interview dressing that works


Nowadays, the way interviews are being carried out is very different to how they used to be eons ago. Thanks to the digital age, you can now have your interview even while you are on top of Kilimanjaro, provided you have your smartphone, or portable device, with Skype and a strong internet connection. Despite the amazing advantage of not having to be in the same room as your interviewer, you still need to look the part….being clean shaven and smart can make a difference, even on video link.imageThis week, I was sifting through my wardrobe for an interview outfit and discovered that most of my ‘corporate’ outfits were not as colourful as the rest of my wardrobe.

imageIn trying to choose an appropriate outfit, I considered the following interview ‘fashion pros’:

* No matter how toned your arms are, going sleeveless in an interview can be deemed inappropriate, so wear a cardigan or jacket/blazer.
* Dark colours are the safest, for example blacks, navy, grey, browns, etc. Bright colours can come through as loud and too distracting to the interviewer(s).
* If you are not a suit person, wearing a nice ironed shirt and well fitted trousers or nice length skirt is just as good….but gents, please wear a tie!!
* No matter what outfit you chose to wear, be COMFORTABLE in it.imageAs it was a nice summer’s day, I opted for a tailored black and dark teal sleeveless dress with a short jacket to hide my arms. The outfit worked really well because when I took off my jacket right after the interview, I still looked professional!
imageI’ve also worn this brown trousers suit a few times to interviews and meetings alike. It’s classy, well-tailored and very comfortable.
imageNo matter what line of work you’re in, when it comes to interviews, your ‘dress’ can speak volumes. As they say, ‘dress for the job you want, not for the job you have’.

For a rosy summer….Think Pink!

This week I was watching the Audrey Hepburn classic 1957 American musical romantic comedy movie, Funny Face and the overture song ‘Think Pink’ had me all excited about wearing pink . The chorus sings that pink is perfect for everyone and every occasion and…….even shampoo and toothpaste should be pink!imageLittle girls around the world love pink. It is a colour that reflects sweetness, innocence and uncomplicated emotions. Most of us have associated pink with the ‘Barbie’ revolution but now fashion is certainly having a close affection with this colour and it’s creeping into the grown up wardrobes.image.jpegThere are many shades of pink……magenta, hot pink, rose, bubblegum, watermelon, fuscia….to name a few. Whichever pink you pick, it’s guaranteed to make your outfit fizz.

When you shop this summer, and see pink, know that everything is going to be rosy because, according to colour psychology, pink represents compassion, nurturing and love. It also may indicate happiness and good health.

This year pink has been a strong feature on the Fall/Winter 2016-2017 catwalks so it looks like the 1957 Think Pink colour anthem got it right, pink is now the colour to which you gotta switch as it makes your day, makes your night……and it can even make your year.

Wearing confidence is wearing beauty

I was watching Cameron Russel’s talk on TED ….’Looks aren’t Everything’ and it made me think how the world around us has always dictated what’s the acceptable body shape and look for women for centuries.

I’m naturally slim but I grew up envying my voluptuous sisters and friends and there’s a reason why……I grew up in a society that embraces curviness as a sign of beauty. My sisters and most of my African friends have beautifully well formed bodies and they love it! imageBeing skinny was something I had to explain to people all the time……..because to them I was either not eating properly or there was something very wrong with my biological makeup! It didn’t vex me at all because it is  my body and I’m happy and comfortable in it all the time.imageThe silhouette of the “ideal woman” has been ever changing for centuries which means the physical qualities we embrace today were there in yesteryear and will be there for the generations to come. From the 1920s until now, there has been many beauty trends, mostly influenced by fashion, movies, politics and music. The bottom line is no matter what your body shape is, love yourself and be confident in it.


For anyone who has watched the BBC series The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency, you will know how Precious Ramotswe (Jill Scott) was proud, comfortable and assured in her ‘traditionally’ built body and it brought out her beautiful character.imageAs a Mad Men fan, I loved Joan Holloway’s (Christina Hendricks) amazing curvy figure. She is beautiful, classy and confident.imageJust like fashion, or even food, beauty trends are subjective and ever changing but remember confidence is timeless. Go on ……..embrace what your Mama gave you!!image