The Wild ’60s Fashion

Fashion evolves! What we are wearing now, the next generation will no doubt view with both awe and dread…..but then that generation’s kids might start rocking our style.

I remember, as a kid, my parents had a small wine-coloured briefcase which they kept for storing different kind of papers but also some very old photos. I recall a photo of my aunt (Mum’s sister) and her friend as girls wearing tight mini dresses, platforms shoes and very big hair (which I found out later were wigs).image(Not my aunt and her friend but the look is close!)

I was shocked… aunt wearing a mini-skirt when, I thought, most of the girls back then didn’t wear anything above the knees walking down the street. When I asked my mum how my aunt got away with this, I was told that was the fashion at the time. Yes, it was the 1960s and the mini-skirt and mmini-dress was the most eye-catching garment of the decade…. designed for the skinny female form, ideally. imageNow the 1960s are back on the high streets, in different forms and trends. Although the minis ruled the roost, flares, midis (for the conservative types) and velvet were all part of the 60s trend.imageSometimes, when I buy clothes and wear them, it takes someone to remind me what era I’m rocking. Our clothes are all from past decades, just not of the same quality in most cases. Your mum’s wardrobe might have looked like a fashion nightmare when you were 14 years old but if you visit it now, it’s a haven of vintage, durable fabric and great quality clothes.imageBefore you put away those wonderful clothes, think about how the next generation will appreciate your wardrobe, when it comes back in fashion 50 years from now. Maybe in next few decades kids will be walking around wearing technology-based outfits…… our outfits will be a little bit unique!image

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