Step into the blue-Spring must have!

“The blue sky is my first artwork”, were the words French artist Yves Klein said to his friends when asked what course his life should take. A few years later Yves Klein developed his own particular brand of the colour blue called IKB (International Klein Blue).


This spring/summer pantone fashion colour is very blue. There is a wide array of blues on view this season and my favourite is the IKB.

imageA mixture mixture of blues with whites and reds makes it a happier and more colourful Spring. The good news is that the Klein blue works with all skin tones so anyone can rock it. If the outfit is not doing the business, there are always shoes and handbags to help.

imageDon’t feel blue this Spring. Stay calm……. be mesmerising and colourful in whatever hue of blue takes your fancy.

Mad Men’s Groovy ’70s Style

I’ve been on hiatus off from the blogging world for few weeks but I’m now back.

Let’s talk about ’70s’ fashion. I’m watching the 7th and final series of Mad Men at the moment and loving it! The office ladies are all about showing legs. Everything is short; short dresses, short skirts and top dresses.

Mad Men Season 7 cast

What I like most is not the shortness of the ladies’ apparel but the colours they use and how they wear them with such panache. These days, I find most office attire is all about blacks, browns and other safe colours but wouldn’t it be so much more cheerful to see a lot of vibrant, bright and beautiful colours in the office.


Sola Bamas as Shirley in Mad Men _ Season 7, Episode 2

Scientific research has shown that brighter clothes make you happier and I can prove that people are more likely to notice and make comments when you are wearing bright colours and that, in turn, can boost your mood and help lift the spirits of those in your environs.

I know it’s not warm yet to wear short attire but there are always stockings to save the day and they come in all colours. So ladies, lets bring a lot of cheerfulness and smiles into the office with some colour!