Military Style? ‘Blend out’ with camouflage!

I’m seeing camouflage or ‘camos’ everywhere these days. Just like animal print which I wrote about in my last blog posting here, camo is timeless. Military camouflage patterns have been popular in fashion and art from as early as 1920s. A lot of major designers have exploited camouflage’s style and symbolism as street wear ever since.imageSource

A few weeks ago Versace was showcasing a spring/summer 2016 collection at Milan Fashion Week. The catwalk highlight was belted dark green and military jackets and tops which Versace dubbed “the urban jungle” (check it out). Also modelled were bright coloured animal prints in the camouflage collection. Now, that’s an interesting combination as I like animal print. I have to say though for the classy street look, limit yourself to one camo piece at a time if you don’t want to look like you are going hunting in the woods.imageCamo is not just for daytime. You can transform a simple jeans and T-shirt look to evening wear with a camo clutch and some bling accessories or add a gold belt to a camo pencil skirt and a low-cut top for an even cooler evening look. Singer Rihanna is camouflage chic and she surely knows how to rock them.imageSource

If you think dressing up is not really for you and you are a more casual person, then why not try this simple, casual and very street look!? Here I’m wearing camouflage espadrilles from the Martinez-Made in Argentina collection and a H&M oversize outerwear jacket.imagePerhaps you are thinking that camouflage fashion trend is not for you at all and you can never wear that sort of clothing, then how about ‘pimping’ your ride instead?



Forget about ‘blending in’, camouflage styles are now all about standing out in the crowd!

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