Games season – What to wear?!

It’s games season!! Soccer, football and rugby are all back for the next few months….. so what is the ideal fashion for a lady to sport when attending a game or two?

Last weekend I had the opportunity of going to my first American football game. It was the first game of the college football season in the US and also my first time in Aviva Stadium for a sports event. Myself and my friend decided we were going to support Boston College…….because my friend said it was the right team to support!!mo-sport4Most times, when going to a match, people seem to wear casualwear with the colours of the team they support. I was so looking forward to going through my wardrobe for some maroon and gold colours, unfortunately all I found was a lot of office/evening wear and some tops in the colours of the opposing team. I thought I will just change the team I would support, to make it easier for my wardrobe choices ……..until I checked the weather was going to rain cats and dogs, so my whole outfit idea had to change.In the end, I wore something warm and waterproof, not sporting even one colour of either team. I was cheering for Boston College, even though they lost, but it was all about the craic and the, we sweat the small things when it comes to what to wear to different sport events and end up damping our enjoyment of the occasion. For a game outfit, definitely go for comfy rather than classy….. and remember to pick the winning team !!