Kid fantasy!


I visited my friend one day and took off my shoes! Few minutes later I heard a clickety-clock sound coming towards me and in appears my friend’s 2 year old wearing my shoes. She was so happy and felt so grown up! This sweet moment reminded me of when i was also young and used to like wearing my mum’s shoes. It was not any shoes, it was always her high heels! Yes, dangerous as it was, I just loved the idea of walking high and feeling grown up. She talked me out of it many times, sometimes with promise of a wooden spoon the next time she finds me out but I would always sneaky in to her bedroom and take her purse and shoes and admire myself in front of the mirror!

Shoes were not my only obsession! Looking smart and elegant was always within me. I remember whenever I took a bath and mum put clean clothes on me, I wouldn’t sit down in case I crease my clothes. Although I’m now grown up and know best….well, at least I think, I still love being dressed smart most of the time.

That brings me to why I started this blog! Dressing up comes to me naturally but I think it also helps that I have discovered what suits me best. I have heard people saying that looking fashionable is all about personality and how we dress, tell a lot about us. I share the same sentiments and I will be sharing with you some of my fashion tips and secrets. Dressing up is not for everyone but I hope you will learn few things on how to bring out the real you through your dressing!

Let’s get fashionable!!!!


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