The African Pride

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few days, you will have heard about Cecil the Lion’s painful death. I won’t get into detail about Cecil as you may already be attuned to the story. I’m a native of Zimbabwe, so was Cecil the Lion and coincidentally my totem is ‘Shumba’ which means lion (lioness in my case). To those not familiar with the word, a totem is an animal, plant, or natural object that serves as the emblem of a clan or family among a tribal or traditional people.


So as the world ‘mourn’ Cecil the Lion, I thought about my heritage and I felt a strong rush of nostalgia. I wanted to connect with my lioness nature through my dress. As it was a nice lazy sunny day, I decided to go for the ‘safari look’. I rooted through my wardrobe and came across my African native t-shirt and my leopard print head scarf which I bought in Zimbabwe few years ago and the shorts from Roxy fashion. I have learnt that one doesn’t have to break the bank in order to look beautiful. It’s simply the basic clothes that makes a person stand out at times. When you feel down, look into your wardrobe, there is always a hidden piece of clothing that could change your mood. It’s amazing how a simple outfit lifted my spirit up.

imageAs I’m standing here dreaming of my motherland with all its beauty and life, I feel awesome.


Photo courtesy of Pooja Sharma

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