Explosion of colours……tie and dye moments.

Have you ever spilt something on your brand new or favourite dress, shirt, top, trousers or jeans and left a permanent stain? You start to think of the amount of money you spent on it, how it was the only one left in the shop in your size and if you are a bargain hunter like me, you start calculating how much you will pay for the same outfit on full price and all these thoughts makes you want to coil in a ball and just cry.

It happened to me once, I had royal blue top and which I liked very much. The colour was rich, the fabric was nice on the skin and it was just well fitted and comfortable. One bad morning, I decided to buy a black coffee which is a rare occurrence and when I was about to leave the shop someone bumped into me and I had coffee all over my top. I went home and decided to clean the mess myself. I reached for the bleach….and poured it straight on to the stain and throw it into the washing machine. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I took it out, the coffee stain was gone but my lovely top was no longer royal blue. It had turned into different shades of blue with a hint of white. I could only blame myself for that. I thought of throwing it away or giving it away because I couldn’t bear the sight of it, then I thought about the fabric and the comfort and decided to keep it and wear as a casual top. Then something happened, a neighbour complimented me about it and a lady in the local shop wanted to know where I bought my tie and dye top! That moment, it hit me. I had made my own tie and dye top accidentally, how cool was that? I wore that top until it got worn out so I have no evidence of it….sorry!!

I hadn’t owned another tie and dye until two years ago when I found these tie and dye Maxim jeans in TKMaxx. They are colourful and funky and I love wearing them during summer times. The same year a friend gave me a present of this maxi kimono green dress which she bought on line. It’s great for those sunny days or the beach.


The stripe DVF (Diane von Furstenberg) wrap dress is one of my best dresses. It is lively, has a mixture of colour, elegance and simplicity. The dress can be worn day or night, for special occasions or the office.The great thing about tie and dyes clothing is that it can be worn by anyone throughout the year.


So as you can see, my tie and dye journey started quite by accident but it opened up a new world of style choices for me!


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