Lady in Red

During the week, I was walking home from work when I passed by a grocery shop where they were playing the Chris de Burgh classic Lady in red. As most people would do, I absently started humming away because I know the lyrics very well……right!! The song had me earwormed all the way home and I started seeing red everywhere. I spotted a little girl of about 4 wearing a stunning little white dress with red cherries and cute red shoes;  another lady had a gorgeous pair of red shoes on and bright red lipstick and I wondered, to myself, about the colour red.  We hear of Red Devils in sports; we have red roses in the garden and even have charities such as the Red Cross. So, what makes red have more personal ‘associations’ than any other colour?

As I was rooting through the Internet looking for answers, I came across an interesting piece on colour psychology. According to colour psychology, Red is the colour of extremes. It’s the colour of passionate love, seduction and adventure. It is energising, it excites the emotions and motivates us. It is also strong-willed and can give confidence to those who are shy or lacking in will power.  However,  they warn that being surrounded by too much of the colour red can cause us to become irritated, agitated and ultimately angry.

Interested as I was, I thought of putting this to the test. I have few shades of red colour clothing in my wardrobe. So, here is what I felt after wearing each outfit. The crimson and white combination was fun, simple but strikingly colourful. It certainly energised me and is great summer wear.


Jeggings: Born Clothing; T-shirt and scarf from Primark; Shoes from Paul Byron Shoes

From the street look to catwalk! I absolutely love this midi skirt. It is fashionable, classy and stylish! The skirt is adorned in floral red embroidered on gold to give it a vintage appeal. I wanted to be adventurous in bringing out the colourfulness of the skirt, so I wore a crotchet candy top and red shoes. Very comfortable as day or evening wear, this outfit made me feel trendy and modest at the same time!

unnamed (1)

Skirt from Born Clothing; Top from H&M; Shoes from Dunness Stores

Don’t be scared to paint your wardrobe with different colours. Paint is not permanent and you can always change it.

unnamed (2)

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