Wild and Dazzling

I recently read an article on why zebras have stripes! Many theories have been developed ever since Charles Darwin era. Some researchers hypothesised that the black and white (or is it white and black) stripes work as a camouflage from predators and that they also help zebras to stay cool in hot weather. Surprisingly, even after hundreds of years of study, the mystery is still far from being solved as there remains disagreements. From a fashion perspective, I find zebra print doing the opposite, instead of camouflaging, it makes you stand out in the crowd. The black and white gives both that warm and cool effect and the best thing is, it never goes out of fashion. In fact, every season and every year, zebra print is on trend.

Symmetrical stripe are known for their slimming effect so if you want to look slimmer, try the symmetrical zebra print outfit! I like the design on this Ossie Clark dress. It is elegantly cut and gives an illusion of body fullness to slim people. Great dress for a glamorous outdoor summer party or for a cheery day in the office!

imageDress from: Ossie Clark London – Debenhams Collection

I think the best way of wearing zebra print without looking tacky is to mix it with plain colour. Choose only one large part of your outfit that is wild. For instance, if your skirt or shorts are a zebra print, let the top/shoes be neutral. If it’s your dress that has the print, then let your shoes be plain black, red or cream/nude. I know not everybody has the audacity to wear fiery colours, but a new way of wearing zebra print is mixing it with bright colours and it’s worth a try. I find red goes well with zebra prints! Zebra print dress with red belt, red shoes or red handbag will give you that polished look.imageShorts from: Zara ; Belt and top from Primark

If you want to have fun with fashion and be attractive and wild at the same time, go ahead and get yourself a zebra-print piece. Just as Zebras are the beauties of the wild, you can also be a dazzling and daring Queen of the Jungle!


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