Grace yourself with lace!

For most homes the classic white lace curtain window covering creates an enjoyable design experience. It evokes that feeling of relaxation in summer and in spring time. For a long time I used to associate lace with curtains. Then I started seeing some really amazing outfits and gowns and I never looked at lace the same way again.image“I have stolen your granny’s net curtains, and I won’t give them back!” – quote from this dancer at the Moulin Rouge in Paris in 1926

Lace is one of the most beautiful and feminine fabrics in the world. But just how long has lace been in fashion? Lace is known to have been first developed in Venice during the sixteenth century. It was always an expensive luxury item because of its painstaking, time-consuming production. Lace veils and lace bridal gowns became an enduring favourite for brides in the Victorian era and has been popular ever since with royals, brides, catwalks and even the high street.


Lace masterpiece – American actress Grace Kelly’s elegant wedding gown in 1956

imageKate Middleton is ever elegant and stunning in lace dresses

Lace continues to enjoy a place in fashionable dress today. White crochet lace rules in summer, in winter a black or red lace party dresses get us into the Christmas spirit.


If the lace look is too full-on for your personal taste, mix it up with contrasting textures. Don’t be afraid to experiment with lace. Whether it is a staple part of your wardrobe or for special occasions only, lace is an elegant and on-trend choice of fabric.

imageTo wear lace is to wear grace!!

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