Christmas jumper revolution!

Since that scene of Mark Darcy’s ugly Christmas jumper in Bridget Jones Diary movie , I have never looked at Christmas jumpers the same way. Who would want to wear something so cheesy and hideous I thought? How I was wrong!! Walking on the streets of Dublin the days towards Christmas was like re-living that movie scene hundred times over.


What is it that is making Christmas jumpers so popular each year? Fashionable, trendy or just people trying to be different? Most of the people I saw wearing Christmas jumpers were going to parties, so I would assume this is the new Christmas party look and a lot of people want to be part of it.


I admire people who can rock those jumpers but here is why a jumper with Christmas trees, santas, reindeers, tinsels and lights won’t be on my shopping list anytime soon.


Reason #1: I want to get my money’s worth. Why should you spend your money on a jumper you can only wear once a year?  I will be inclined to buy a jumper that is timeless and practical which can be worn off season too.

Reason #2: It’s nice to be different but great to look unique. It won’t matter whether your Christmas jumper is from Primark or John Lewis, what matters is that 10 or more people are also wearing the same jumper decorations as you, so it end up feeling like you are wearing a uniform!

It will be interesting to see how the Christmas jumpers revolution will do this year, as for me I will stick to my neutral winter jumpers.


Wishing you a Happy 2016!

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