Cold Summer? How to look cozy and chic!

The weather has been very confusing lately but summer is here at last…well sort of! The challenge for us ladies though is how to dress well for an occasion when the weather is so changeable.

I went to an outdoor house party one summer looking all pretty in light summer-wear but the weather changed unexpectedly. I was so cold that I couldn’t move. I remember asking the host (whom I didn’t know that well) for a jacket. I didn’t care about the colour or size…i was way too cold to be pretty and all I wanted was some warmth! Lesson learnt…so, to avoid the chance of ruining your day/night out because you are too cold, my advice is to dress for the unexpected. Here are some fashion clothing that could be useful:imageBlazers and Cropped Jackets: Blazers are great with whatever outfit you might be wearing. You can dress them up…or down. Try throwing a nice blazer or a smart jacket on top of whatever outfit you’re wearing and you will not only look amazingly stylish but you’ll also be warm.imageScarfs and shawls: You may recall my post about winter blankets, well, they can be quite handy during the ‘Irish summers’ too. Scarfs and shawls are great as accessories, especially when you don’t want to carry a jacket around. Despite being lightweight, they are also useful when temperatures drops.imageCoats and rain jackets: I have to admit there was one day last week it suddenly turned so cold that I had to reach for my tucked away winter coat. Remember, you can always wear your lightweight summer outfit underneath.imageWhatever you decide to wear for the occasion, just make sure that you feel cozy and that it is weather proof!

Blanket wraps….essential winter accessory!

This weekend I was thinking about an interesting conversation I had with a friend from the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho few years ago about the country’s people and culture. I was more interested in the blankets which I have seen Basotho men and women wearing. She explained that the blanket is a status symbol and a token of cultural identification. The blankets are gifted for occasions such as birth, initiation ceremonies into adulthood and marriage.imageBeside it being a symbol of culture and pride of its people, the Basotho blanket is also an essential daily protective garment against the bitter Lesotho winters. Men usually wear the blanket as a cape, while women tend to wrap it around their waists or their body and fasten it at the shoulders.imageI have seen these Basotho blankets trending on the world stage in the last few years. Fashion giants such as Burberry and Louis Vuitton have turned these tribal blankets into fashion accessories by introducing a series of capes, jackets and shawls for both men and women.image.jpegFrom a traditional blanket to catwalk

The high street outlets have also adapted the trend with a variety of blanket wraps this winter. Unlike the traditional firmer woollen Basotho blanket, most high street blanket wraps are made from much lighter synthetics but are nevertheless cosy and warm.imageThey also come in many different colours, so they go with outfits of any colour.  If you want to add some tribal colours and warmth to your winter accessories this year, get yourself a blanket wrap!image