Is Valentine’s Day too commercialised?

There has been some memes doing rounds on social media lately of guys temporarily breaking up with girls just until Valentine’s day is over then make up again. These are just social media jokes of course but one would wonder if there was some truth in that!

imageIs there pressure for loved ones to be extra romantic on just one day of the month just because the world is telling them to do so and they feel obliged?

Valentine’s Day is everywhere and there is no escaping it. TV ads are all over, restaurants are over booked, every retail shop is adorned in red hearts, teddies, chocolate boxes tied in pink ribbons and cards with love poems which makes it hard not to think about it.

It’s nice to celebrate love but in reality it has become a very commercialised day. They say love and happiness doesn’t cost a thing but in this generation, it is an expensive thing and we have no control over it.

imageValentine’s Day is about love so to those in love, enjoy ┬átime with your loved ones and┬áto my single friends, spread the love with family and friends. Let love be in the air everyday not only for one day. Happy St Valentine’s Day!