White – the new black!

Last weekend I attended a christening where 6 babies were being baptised. The babies looked so adorable in their little white outfits. Prior to the christening there was a wedding in the same church and the bride looked stunning. These two occasions were happy new beginnings for all involved and both had one thing in common – they wore white!imageI have blogged about a lot of colours in the last year but never about white. I suppose it’s because it is  a colour I never thought too much about until recently, when I noticed that even my wardrobe’s pallet is displaying a shimmer of white!  We all strive for change in our lives, we want to feel at peace, within and without, and that’s where the colour white can work perfectly. It is said that attraction to white clothes or accessories might be viewed as a wish for new beginnings and renewal or it might even encourage the purification of one’s thoughts and actions –  so, I took this as a sign for me and put it to test….imageAs it’s the summertime, I have decided to wear all white on a few different occasions and I have to admit, I feel very energetic, peaceful and happy.imageWhite is the prettiest colour that can complement any other hue…… so, if you are not all about white then put it to use with darker coloured clothing.image